Thursday, March 25, 2010

Falafel disaster

Alright so I tried to make falafel's today and it was awful. A friend of mine sent me a recipe that she uses for falafel's, but I ended up buying a mix from the store across from where I live. The mix was pretty straight forward. Pour the contents of the package into a bowl and add 3/4 cup of water. Then you let it it for an hour. After that you form it into balls and deep fry it. I followed the directions, at least I think I did. I formed the balls while the oil heated.I remember thinking that the dough was a little wet, which might be why it ended awful. The recipe on the box said that it makes 12 but I got 10. The first batch I made started off ok. I put four falafel's into the pan and I waited a few minutes before I moved them around so the outside could get hard. I noticed that they seemed to brown a bit fast so I turned down the heat a bit.I took one of them out of pan and cut it open to see it it was cooked. It still looked raw in the center so I left the others in the pan to cook. I added two more uncooked falafel's and right away the oil started foaming.It foamed a little when I put the first batch in but not as much as it did the second time. I ended up taking out the rest of the first batch. But one of the falafel's from the first batch ended up falling apart. I'm not sure why this happened, it was fine until I added the second batch. But I still had 2 good ones.

Basically it went downhill from there. All the other falafels turned to goop. Some of them stuck together and turn to mush. The foam didn't go away, it got to a point where I thought the foam was going to over flow the pan. I ended up scooping the falafel goop out of the pan and throwing it away. It was a mess. I turned off the stove and the foam went away. But there is a bunch of falafel bits on the bottom of my pan now. I used the two falafel's that came out and made a wrap. It tasted ok. But I think I'm going to try my friends recipe next time. I don't think I've ever made anything that has come out that bad.

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