Sunday, July 26, 2009

Dried Mushrooms

So I've always wanted to make dried mushrooms. I was at the super market and there was a big bag of mushrooms on one of those 5o% off racks so I bought it.I ended up making a bunch of stuff from it. I haven't found a recipe that I want to try that used dried mushrooms but that's alright. I still enjoyed making these.

You will need
As many mushrooms as you like
Salt- varies depending on the amount of mushrooms
oil- varies depending on the amount of mushrooms
baking pan
wire cooling rack
Mason jar or a glass jar with a lid

1)Preheat the over to 150c or the lowest setting on your oven
2)Take the stems off the mushrooms.I think that taking the stems off make them dry faster. You can use the stems in stock or just throw them out, whatever you perfer.
3)Put mushrooms in a bowl and add a little salt and oil.
4)Place the wire rack on the baking pan.
5)Place the mushrooms in a single layer on the wire rack
6)Place in the over for about 6 hours or until dry
7)Let the mushroom dry completely and place inside a glass jar

If the mushrooms are not completely dried when they are out inside the jar you may find water droplets around the jar. If this happens all you have to do it shake the jar a bit and it will go away. I also find that depending on the size of the mushroom it may take a shorter time or a longer time to dry.

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