Monday, October 18, 2010

Natalie's Cheese Challenge

K, so my friend Natalie has challenged me to not eat any cheese for a week. Which sounds easy but when your me and love cheese it is very hard. I started yesterday and decided that I would track my week via my blog. Yesterday wasn't that bad, I was pretty busy. Adam and I got some furniture that was left at my moms house delivered. Today was sort of harder. We went to the super market....the one with the amazing cheese selection. I had originally made a list of stuff to get which included 3 kinds of cheese. All of which I couldn't buy. On the up side of that it did save us some money.

My other challenge so far has been that a lot of the recipes that I wanted to make this week/ try have cheese in them. Example my ravioli, which I still need to show everyone. They are sooooo good, I think what I might do is make a cheeseless version. We got a pumpkin today so I may make a pumpkin ravioli. But we shall see.

Anyway, day 1 and 2 for my cheese challenge have been successful.....hopefully tomorrow is to.


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  1. excellent. i approve of this challenge.