Sunday, July 24, 2011

A regular Sunday Picnic

Today Adam and I went down to the park by our apartment. We live right by Lake Ontario so the park is on the edge of it, it also has this amazing splash park. I decided last week that I wanted to go on a picnic...I also decided that Adam had to make something for it. Which he did and I was very happy. He made potato salad, I made pork chops, pigs in a blanket, custard tarts and a tomato and cucumber salad. When we where making everything we both where pretty excited, I was very excited about the pigs in a blanket because I tried a Nigella recipe. Overall we thought the best things where the pork chops and the potato salad. I was a little disappointed in the pig in a blanket, they are served with a mustard dipping sauce. Maybe it was the type of mustard I used but I found them meh. The tomato and cucumber salad I thought was ok, I added sumac to it which I sort of liked but I think I preferred it the way I normally make it. Either way I'll be posting the recipes for everything here.....I may even get Adam to do the post about the potato salad. We shall see.

I do have to add that the splash park was amazing. Truth be told I think it was for kids but Adam and I ran around it and had an amazing time, even though the water was a bit cold. We wanted to take pictures of us getting wet but never got around to it. So we took one when we where getting ready to leave.


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